G20 Summit : The US is reportedly bringing in around 20 aircraft over the course of a week leading up to the meeting. President Joe Biden is scheduled to arrive in Delhi at this time.

As many as 130,000 security personnel will be stationed throughout India in preparation for the G20 Summit, which will be held in New Delhi on September 9 and 10. The plans for the G20 Summit will serve as a showcase for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s expanding influence on the international stage.

1. According to officials quoted by news agency Reuters, approximately 130,000 security troops, including the 80,000-strong Delhi Police, would protect the nation’s capital during the G20 Summit.

2. Instead of wearing khaki, which has been the uniform of the Indian police, around 45,000 members of the Delhi Police and central forces would wear blue. Additionally, among the 45,000 are commandos with the ability to rappel down helicopters and those who will serve as personal security personnel and have excellent driving abilities, assisting India in fulfilling its obligation to protect its visitors.

3. In Delhi and the surrounding areas, the Indian Air Force would deploy extensive measures for integrated aerospace defense.

4. To counter any airborne threats, the Indian military would deploy anti-drone equipment alongside the Delhi Police and paramilitary personnel.

5. There will also be about 400 firefighters on call.


6. According to Reuters, the government has reportedly rented 20 bulletproof limos for 18 crore to transport politicians.

7. New Delhi’s borders will be heavily secured and entry to the city will be controlled during the weekend summit.

8. A representative claimed that around 20 aircraft will be arriving from the US throughout the week leading up to the summit.

9. Special security measures have been established at important hotels, including the ITC Maurya Hotel, where US Vice President Joe Biden will stay, and security control rooms are being built up at the venue, the expansive and renovated Pragati Maidan.

10. All CCTVs monitoring Delhi’s borders now have software installed by Staqu, an AI research company that specializes in collecting information from unstructured data including photos and audio. It will enable authorities track down known offenders and prevent them from entering the capital.

The two-day summit will have the highest-profile guest list India has ever hosted, including US President Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. The conference, though, is probably going to be missed by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is receiving fire from the West for the war in Ukraine, has announced he will be represented by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, leaders from Japan, Australia, France, and Germany are all likely to attend.

There will also be representatives from the World Trade Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Health Organization.

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