Governor R.N
Governor R.N

According to Governor R.N.Ravi, the leader’s all-encompassing method of problem-solving has elevated India on the international scene.

The country’s economy has undergone a dramatic shift under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a creative disruptor. Governor R.N. Ravi announced this on Saturday. “His innovative governance has paid rich dividends, especially in the fight against corruption and poverty.”

He praised Mr. Modi for getting rid of the Planning Commission, which was replaced by NITI Aayog, and the five-year plans that he said represented a “narrow and power-centric political vision” of development, and said the time was right to move past the “Darwinian model of development” that had led to regional imbalances within India.

A single family

This nation has evolved over many years as a result of changes in culture and civilization, not only as a region or geographical entity. The Indian Institute of Management-Tiruchi (IIM-T) organized the “Daksha 2.0 Leadership Conclave,” in which he gave the opening remarks. “When you are a family, the problem of one becomes the problem of all, and it has to be addressed holistically,” he remarked. “In the past, a government would arrive at the Center, present a five-year plan, and the States would promote their ideas.

The Planning Commission would sit like a big boss and allot money. But we always remained behind. The commission had been trying to eradicate poverty and illiteracy, and ensure healthcare to all. [But] If it could not provide it, as was the case, was it not worth looking at its very raison d’etre?” said Mr. Ravi, lauding Mr. Modi’s alternative approach to address problems holistically rather than incrementally.

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The Planning Commission would sit like a powerful executive and distribute funds. But we consistently lagged behind. The committee had been working to make sure that everyone has access to healthcare and to end poverty and illiteracy. Was it not worthwhile to consider its basic purpose if it could not provide it, as was the case? Mr. Ravi praised Mr. Modi’s alternative strategy of tackling issues holistically as opposed to incrementally.

Additionally, he commended the advancement of digital technology for its role in enhancing transparency, reducing corruption, and guiding India’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic management. “Every household has a Jan Dhan account, and the direct benefit transfer payment reaches the beneficiary immediately at the press of a button,” he claimed.He praised the Center for encouraging a thriving start-up culture.

Nothing is more powerful than your self-confidence when it is supported by self-discipline and hard effort, he said, urging pupils to have faith in themselves. Failure doesn’t exist until you concede defeat.

PM Narendra Modi is a creative disruptor, says Governor R.N.Ravi