Rakhi Sawan Adil Khan Durrani
Rakhi Sawan Adil Khan Durrani

Adil Khan Durrani, the ex-husband of Rakhi Sawant, has returned from prison with some surprising discoveries.

The details of Rakhi Sawant’s private life have always been public. The actress never left the spotlight, whether it was for her covert nuptials to Ritesh or her breakup with Adil Khan Durrani. A few months after divorcing her second spouse Adil Khan Durrani, Sawant is once again dominating news headlines for her private life. In his first interview since being released from prison, Adil Khan Durrani made some startling accusations against the actor.

Khan attended a press conference following his interview with a news website where he claimed Rakhi Sawant had wrongly implicated him. An examination of Adil Khan’s five assertions.

Adil claims Rakhi cheated on him with her ex-

husband Ritesh Khan, and Sawant claims she cheated on him with Ritesh Singh, Rakhi’s ex-husband.

He stated during the press conference that the actor traveled to London for performance and stayed there for 7-8 days with Ritesh.

Ritesh’s calls and texts appeared on the iPhone, he said, and he started looking into the situation when Sawant visited the Bigg Boss Marathi house. Adil claims Rakhi physically assaulted him.

For those who are unaware, Rakhi Sawant had already claimed that Khan had assaulted her. Khan claims that the actor used to hit him when he requested for divorce, which is significant turn of events. At the press conference, he also presented video to the photographers.

Rakhi has 19-year age gap with Adil.

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The businessman from Mysore disclosed that Sawant is 19 years older than him and not as previously thought. In addition, he disclosed his genuine age, which is 27 years old compared to the actor’s 44.

Adil accuses Rakhi of shooting his nude videos

Khan asserted that the actress is sterile because her uterus was removed for medical reason. He denied her pregnancy news, called it phony, and charged her with filming his naked movies during video conversations.

Adil claims that Rakhi falsely accused him of rape.

Khan said that he had known the Iranian woman for a while since he helped her financially and avoided having any sexual interactions with her. The Iranian woman accused him of raping her. He further claimed that Rakhi had given her Rs 3 lakh, which is what prompted the woman to file a FIR against him.

Rakhi Sawant : Adil Khan Durrani Made Shocking Allegations on Rakhi Sawant….