Gold and silver prices
Gold and silver prices

Want to buy gold and/or silver? Here are the prices for the day.

Across the country, the daily prices of gold are unchanged on Friday, according to the Goodreturns website. Therefore, one gram of 22-carat (K) gold is priced at ₹5515, and eight gram, at ₹44,120; for 10 gram and 100 gram, buyers must pay ₹55,150 and ₹5,51,500, respectively.

Similarly, one gram of 24K of the metal is available for ₹6016, while eight gram is at ₹48,128. The rates for 10 and 100 gram stand at ₹60,160 and 6,01,600, respectively.

A ‘carat,’ meanwhile, stands for the percentage of pure gold in a jewellery item. 24K signifies near 100% (99.9%) purity, and 22K, around 91%.

Gold prices on September 1

  • City 22K Gold (price/10 gram) 24K Gold (price/10 gram)
  • Ahmedabad ₹55,200 ₹60,210
  • Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai ₹55,150 ₹60,160
  • Chennai ₹55,450 ₹60,490
  • Delhi ₹55,300 ₹60,310

Customers must, however, note that the gold rates mentioned here are only indicative; these do not include GST, TCS, and other levies. Only your local jeweller can give you the exact rates.

Silver prices on September 1

Meanwhile, silver, too, has the same price as on the previous day, as per Goodreturns. It is, therefore, priced at ₹77.60 for one gram, ₹620.80 for eight gram, ₹776 (10 gram), ₹7760 (100 gram) and ₹77,600 (1 kilogram).

City Silver (price/10 gram)

Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai ₹776
Bengaluru ₹765
Chennai, Hyderabad ₹807

September 1 Gold and silver prices….

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