40-feet-high boundary wall
40-feet-high boundary wall40-feet-high boundary wall

The man is seen ascending the wall and falling forcefully to his back in the alleged video of the incident, which was recorded by the jail’s CCTV.

On Friday in Karnataka’s Davanagere, a 23-year-old prisoner who was charged with rape managed to escape from a prison by jumping through a 40-foot-high perimeter wall.

The man is seen mounting the wall and landing forcefully on his back in the alleged video of the incident, which was recorded by the jail’s CCTV.

He avoids harm to his head, but the jump left him with a severely broken leg. He still manages to leave the building despite limping on one leg.

The man, Vasant, was detained and taken to jail after being accused of raping a woman.

A day later, Vasant was captured in Haveri when the jail authorities launched a search operation to find him.

Criminal Escape from a prison after jumping across a 40-feet-high boundary wall