Pakistani Sister of PM Modi she sends the rakhi
Pakistani Sister of PM Modi she sends the rakhi

According to Qamar Mohsin Sheikh, she sends Modi the rakhi as a sign of her adoration and admiration for him. She also wishes him luck and success in his political career with the rakhi.

For the past 27 years, Qamar Mohsin Shaikh, an Indian – origin Pakistani woman, has sent Prime Minister Narendra Modi rakhi each year. She’s also sending him handmade rakhi this year. “I made the ‘Rakhi’ myself this time. As he enjoys reading, would also give PM Modi book on agriculture.

haven’t been able to go for the past two to three years because of Covid, but this time get to meet him in person,” Shaikh added.According to Shaikh, she sends Modi the rakhi as sign of her adoration and admiration for him.

She also wishes him luck and success in his political career with the rakhi.happy Raksha Bandhan to him, say. give him daily prayers for long life and excellent health. All of my wishes do, in my opinion, come true.

prayed for him to become Gujarat’s Chief Minister before, and he did.

used to say that wanted him to be prime minister every time tied the Rakhi.

He consistently responded in the affirmative, telling him that God would grant all of his requests.

Early in the 1990s, Shaikh and Modi crossed paths while her husband was a guest of BJP senior leader and MP Dilip Sanghani. Being a member of parliament, Sanghani owned a home. They asked Shaikh and her husband to stay for a few days. They met Modi, who was Gujarat’s Chief Minister at the time, while they were there.

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Shaikh made Modi a handmade rakhi this year. She embroidered it with red and green thread and embellished it with sequins and pearls. On the rakhi, she has also written a message of love and peace.

Shaikh was taken aback by Modi’s frugality and modesty. She chose to send him a rakhi the next year because she felt a connection to him. Since then, Modi has accepted her rakhis each year.

Shaikh’s rakhi has not gotten a response from Modi yet. He has, however, already discussed the significance of Raksha Bandhan. According to him, the holiday honors the link between brothers and sisters and serves as a reminder that we have a responsibility to look out for the people we care about.

Sending a rakhi to Modi is a kind act by Shaikh, especially given the political environment at the time. It serves as a reminder that although though India and Pakistan are two separate nations, there are still individuals who care about one another and desire to create peaceable bridges.

Pakistani Sister of PM Modi she sends the rakhi to Modi as a symbol of her love and respect