Lady Don Get out from here this is my Goa
Lady Don Get out from here this is my Goa

The restaurant staff are viciously attacked by the woman in the video. A police report was made into the situation.

According to North Goa SP Nidhin Valsan on Tuesday, a man and a woman physically and verbally assaulted a cashier at a restaurant in Porvorim, Goa. They were having a heated conversation when they started fighting. In the footage, the woman can be heard shouting, “Get out of here, this is my Goa.”An inquiry was under progress after a police report was made regarding the incident.

“The accused victimized the complainant and his associates when the complainant attempted to save the cashier. Additional research is being conducted, the North Goa SP noted.

The woman can be seen shoving the restaurant workers in a video clip that North Goa SP posted. She is seen kicking and punching a man, but the other man is trying to stop her. Later, it escalated into a huge altercation between the two factions.

Lady Don: Leave now; this is my Goa.

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