52 year old Retired Army Soldier Shot Dead
52 year old Retired Army Soldier Shot Dead

According to police, the suspect was detained in Sagar city’s Civil Lines neighborhood after driving away from the scene of the event in his automobile.

In the Sagar area of Madhya Pradesh, a 52-year-old retired army veteran is accused of shooting his brother and nephew to death over a family disagreement while also injuring his own daughter. The suspect has been detained, according to the police.

The incident, according to the police, happened on Friday in Lalepur Village under Sanaudha Police Station.

The accused Ramadhar Tiwari allegedly got into an argument with his wife on Friday morning, and when his brother Ram Milan Tiwari (60) tried to step in, Ramadhar shot at him.

Later, Ramadhar fired at his nephew Ajju Tiwari (35), who had raced to save his father. Varsha Tiwari, his 24-year-old daughter, was shot by him as well, breaking her leg.

According to authorities, Ram Milan and Ajju died immediately from their wounds, while Varsha was taken to a hospital.

According to police, the accused left the scene of the crime in his automobile after it happened, but he was later apprehended in Sagar city’s Civil Lines neighborhood.

The offender has been taken into custody, and the crime’s weapon has been recovered, according to Sagar SP Abhishek Tiwari. To determine the origin of the argument and what specifically precipitated the crime, questioning and investigation are ongoing in the case.

Ramadhar retired from the army in 2019, according to the police.

52-year-old Retired Army Soldier Shot Dead…

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