Blood Sugar Level
Blood Sugar Level

Food and festivities often go together and it’s not always possible to say no to food, especially when you are around your loved ones.

Festive season is upon us and so is the time to have get togethers and indulge in good food with friends and relatives. It’s natural to crave for sugary food around this time and forget the fitness goals for a while, but too much of indulgence can be deterimental to health. Making mindful food choices can help us not only enjoy the upcoming festivities but also keep blood sugar levels and other health parameters in control. Food and festivities often go together and it’s not always possible to say no to food, especially when you are around your loved ones. If you feel you are over-indulging on some days, to balance this out, you can add more fibre, vegetables, fruits, and other foods that help you detox. Also, try to balance out the calories by consuming small meals instead of a large one.

“During festivals, if we don’t have yummy sweets and tasty snacks, it feels like something is missing, right? During this time, we really want to eat sweets, drinks, and foods with lots of carbs. So, our sugar intake goes up a lot. While it’s important to enjoy the festivals without feeling bad and being good to ourselves, too much sugar can make us gain weight, cause skin problems, and make us feel moody. But even if we try not to eat sugary things, there are hidden sugars in foods that can still make us eat a lot of sugar. So, during this time when there are so many delicious foods, we need a good plan to manage how much sugar we eat,” says Dr Shubhashree Patil, Consultant Diabetologist and Physician, Director – Diabetes and Wellness Clinic, Andheri (East) Mumbai.

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Dr Patil shares the following tips for people with diabetes:

Balanced indulgence

Embrace the festive feasting while maintaining balance. Allow yourself occasional indulgent meals, but ensure you return to healthier eating habits after a few festive days. This approach prevents sudden spikes in sugar levels that can lead to weight gain and mood swings.

Mindful meal planning

Anticipate high-carb, high-sugar meals and offset them with nutrient-rich choices during the day. Prioritise protein and fibre intake before and after indulgent meals to stabilise blood sugar levels. This prevents extreme fluctuations and supports overall well-being.

Preparation and recovery

Pay attention to what you do before and after festive events. Prioritise gut health by exercising and consuming wholesome foods before indulging. After celebrations, swiftly revert to your regular routine and hydrate to flush out toxins. Replace refined sugars with natural sugars found in fruits to gradually restore balance.

Even distribution

Distribute sugar consumption evenly throughout the day. This helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, preventing sharp spikes and crashes that can disrupt energy levels and mood.

Smart choices and activity

Make thoughtful food choices, opting for treats with lower sugar content. Engage in physical activity to regulate blood sugar levels, promote overall health, and counterbalance the effects of festive indulgence.

“As we soak in the happiness of festivals and relish the wonderful tastes and smells, it’s important to remember our well-being. While we adore festive treats, finding the right balance matters. By knowing how sugar affects us and using smart approaches, we can fully enjoy the celebrations without harming our health. Let this festive time be a mix of joyful indulgence and taking care of ourselves, cherishing both the fun and our good health,” says Dr Patil.

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Manage “Blood Sugar Level” In Festival season with this 5 tips….