Toxic relationship
Toxic relationship

From gaslighting to stonewalling to victim mentality, here are a few toxic behaviors in a relationship that can be very harmful.

A relationship is supposed to be a healthy space for the people involved to grow, be happy and content. However, sometimes, a relationship can turn toxic for people. There are certain behaviors in a toxic relationship that keep making people uncomfortable and miserable. “Most people are unaware that it’s happening or that they are doing it… but then also really confused as to why they are struggling with obtaining or maintaining a healthy relationship.

Such a valid frustration! Before I go any further with this caption… it’s crucial that I point out that we all have red flags, and we all engage in toxic behaviors from time to time. The biggest differences here are an individual’s self-awareness around,” wrote Therapist Elizabeth Fedrick.


This is an attempt to distract the person from the conversation at hand to avoid taking accountability or responsibility for the mistakes made by us.


This is a manipulative technique to make the other person question, second-guess and doubt their own reality.


This is a procedure where the actions and the words of a person do not align, all the while taking advantage of the value system and the other person’s emotions.


This is a big red flag when a person commits a mistake and instead of taking responsibility for it, they try to make up excuses to show that their actions are acceptable.

Victim mentality:

In this case, a person tries to blame the other person for making a slight or a direct attack against them. They also try to play powerless in certain situations.

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Love bombing:

This is an attempt done by a person to suck another person in the relationship by giving them excessive attention, gifts and affection. This is a manipulative technique used in toxic relationships.


In this technique, a person gives enough attention to the other person to make them stay in the relationship, but not adequate affection to meet their needs.


Completely cutting out communication with the other person as a way of punishing them after an argument or a fight is extremely toxic behavior.

Toxic relationship: Toxic relationship is Harmful for you Mental, Physical and Emotional Health…