6th class student Archasi Sinha commits suicide by hanging herself
6th class student Archasi Sinha commits suicide by hanging herself

CG Student Suicide Update : In Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, a student has taken their own life. At her home, a 12-year-old girl from Darripara, Manipur, killed herself by hanging. The child wrote a note blaming the school administration for bullying her before taking her own life.

Following the student’s suicide, the family is in shock. The girl attended a private educational institution.On Tuesday night, at approximately 11 p.m., he killed himself by hanging himself from the ceiling fan at his home.

Alok Kumar Sinha, the student’s father, has claimed that the instructors and school administration have been intimidating him. The student’s father said that the suicide note stated that the teacher had taken the student’s and her classmates’ ID cards and instructed them to phone their families. The instructor was really understanding.

I can only pass away in one way. I’ll change when I pass away. It’s incredibly awful. Don’t penalize my buddies, please. Two instructors in the classroom. The entire case is presently being looked into by the police.

Youth wing of the BJP organizes protest over suicide of student

Following this incidence, the locals are furious. In the meantime, BJP employees demonstrated in front of the school. When high-ranking government officials, education department representatives, and police officers arrived at the scene, the Yuva Morcha protestors subsided and they were given assurances that action would be taken against the teachers.

The entire matter is being looked into by police. The police claim that the administration of the school has denied harassing the pupils. If the school administration is not made to answer for its actions, the BJP Yuva Morcha has threatened to launch a violent protest.

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Class 6 student Archasi Sinha hangs herself to end her life

Update on CG Student Suicide: A student from Carmel High School takes their own life.He said, “Teacher harasses me, I will take revenge by dying,” in the suicide note.

CG Student Suicide Update : Carmel School student commits suicide…Wrote in suicide note – Teacher harasses me, I will take revenge by dying…