Poonam Pandey body missing
Poonam Pandey body missing

New Delhi: Actress Poonam Pandey has passed away due to cervical cancer. The news spread like fire on Friday (February 2), when a post was shared on Poonam Pandey’s verified account about her death. Aam Se was particularly shocked after this news, as the post said that he died due to cervical cancer.

Celebrities mourned his death on social media. However, it has not yet been revealed that Poonam Pandey’s body has been called after her death. Amid these reports, Poonam’s bodyguard Amin Khan has made a big claim.

After the death of Poonam Pandey, there has been a stir from Mumbai to Kanpur. People are desperate to know that if Poonam has passed away, then why is there no news about her dead body, funeral till now? Why has there been no statement from the family so far? Amid many such questions, the statement of her bodyguard Amin Khan, who has been working with the actress for the last 11 years, has come out, in which he has made a big claim.

Amin Khan spoke to ETimes TV after the news of Poonam Pandey’s death. “I don’t believe it at all and I am trying to reach out to her sister who is not responding to me. I am reading about his death through the media.

“” “I was with her on January 31 and we did a photo shoot for Rohit Verma at Phoenix Mill.”‘

Amin Khan was asked if Poonam Pandey had any health issues. “She always looked fit and fine and never shared anything about her health nor did I get any indication of her ill health. I am waiting for his sister to tell me the truth.’

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Amin, Poonam Pandey’s bodyguard, said that he has always been with Poonam in all the shoots since 2011 and they also recently shot in Goa. He also said that Poonam was taking care of herself and had a personal trainer. He has also cut down on his drinking habits. “I went to his house and found no such sign.

Since the news of Poonam Pandey’s death, efforts are being made to talk to her sister and manager. But his phone is switched off. Other family members could not be contacted either.

After the death of Poonam Pandey, where is her family? The Bodyguard has made a big announcement! Where is Poonam Pandey’s body?

Where is Poonam Pandey’s family missing after her death? Bodyguard made a big revelation! Where is Poonam Pandey’s body?